Unique Sculptural Floor Lamp by Urano Palma

Unique floor lamp by Urano Palma , this is one of his latest works

Documentation: Certificate of Authenticity - Certificate from the Archive n. 130.  

Materials: Sandblasted sheet metal, stone slate.    Condition: Very good original conditions . Wera consistent in use and age.

Creation Date: 2000.



RANO PALMA (1936 – 2010) The artist settled in Milan, where he met artists such as Lucio Fontana and in 1962 a well-known gallery owner, Cardazzo, took an interest in his works, allowing him to organize his first solo exhibition at the “Il Cavallino” gallery in Venice. The artist held exhibitions in France, Spain, Germany, the United States and dedicated himself to the production of sculpture furniture, using wood, stone, bronze and crystal. In painting he always maintained an approach linked to advertising graphics. He began painting in 1956 and subsequently experimented with plastic materials. In 1968 he approached technological visuals, working directly with carving milling starting from 1970. At the same time as technological visuals he developed three-dimensional structures and functional objects. A visionary and multidisciplinary artist, he is active both in the strictly artistic field and in the design and product sectors, testifying to an agile and often surprising creativity that owes much to his initial experiences in the advertising field. His research aimed at defining works that seem like devices for ancient rituals, enigmatic artefacts from which a primordial, almost geological nature is released. Working with all kinds of materials, real fractal objects take shape, archaic energy collectors resulting from the chaotic and obsessive iteration of manufacturing processes such as milling, drilling, shaping, carving, etc. It is not surprising how Palma achieves results of extraordinary tension starting from everyday objects, as if to underline the desire to place man and his anxieties at the center of his research.